Lally Column High Resistance Bracing

Build Stronger
Span Longer!


  • Allows for greater beam spans
  • Distributes up to 5,460 pounds
  • Reinforcement of old decks
  • Code compliant for racking
  • Interchangable connecting plates
  • Stylish

Available In

  • Powder coated black
    Item #: BraceBLK
  • 207 stainless steel
    Item #: BraceSS
  • Custom sizes and colors available
Fasteners Included
Fasteners Included
Screw In Connecting Plate
Patented Connecting System
Patented Connecting System

Built-Up Beams

Sandwich Beams

Technical Info

Allowable shear load of 5460 lb using Douglas Fir/Spruce Fir and 3900 lb using Spruce Pine Fir/Hemlock Fir. Allowable loads are shown at the wood load duration factor of Cd = 1.00. Loads may be increased for load duration up to a Cd = 1.60. Allowable withdrawal load for DF/SP/SCL is 172 lb/in and for SPF/HF withdrawal is 121 lb/in. Total withdrawal load is based on actual thread penetration into the main member. Fasteners are acceptable for treated wood.